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Prefold Fitted Information and Sizing

Tinkle Traps Prefold Fitteds have the same range of fit as the prefolds that they are converted from, depending on the shape of your baby.

Infants fit to 15lbs.

Premiums fit to 30+ lbs.

Toddlers fit from 25+ lbs.
A word about adding closures to your diapers: Your diapers will fit for a longer time and have greater adjustability with no closures. They are designed to be used with pins, a Snappi or in a snug fitting wrap. Also, without closures you have the option of folding down the rise.

Aplix is very user friendly, and always comes with fold back laundry tabs.

Serged diapers can be either front or side snapping in all sizes. Turned infant prefolds can only have side snaps, but Turned Premiums or Toddlers may be front or side snapping.
Here is a Slide Show that shows the adjustability of Prefold Fitteds with no closures:


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