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Washing Information

Here we give you washing instructions for your diapers.
Itís Easy! Shake or rinse off solid waste into the toilet. Drop into the diaper pail until wash day. With wet diapers or exclusively breastfed infants there is no need to shake or rinse. Just put the diaper right into the pail.
Wash Day: I do a cold pre-rinse to get off any leftover solid waste and to rinse the tinkle out. After the cold rinse, wash on hot with ľ - Ĺ the amount of detergent you normally use. I also put my diapers through an extra rinse cycle to make sure all of the detergent has been washed out. If you open the washer during the rinse cycle and see bubbles, youíve used too much detergent. Wash again on hot with no detergent until you donít see any bubbles in the rinse cycle.
After washing they can be dried in the dryer or hung to air dry. If your air dried diapers seem stiff, throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes with a clean tennis ball to fluff them up a bit.
Donít use Bleach or Fabric Softener. Bleach destroys the fibers of the diapers making them less durable. Fabric Softener coats the fabric causing them to be less absorbent (and you definitely want the diapers absorbent!) If you have stains place the clean, wet diaper in the sunlight. It works like magic!

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